Welcome to the EVPLmnop Alphabet Scavenger Hunt!
Letters are everywhere; they may be found in words or hidden where you least expect them... like in architecture, at a playground, or even in nature. In June 2020, we asked our Facebook community to participate in this scavenger hunt and dedicated one week per letter throughout the rest of the year... but we wanted to keep the fun going beyond Facebook and allow everyone to play along right here. Please share your discoveries with us by submitting an image of your findings of each letter, and we will include them in the collection. See the information below for details on how to submit, and happy hunting!

Submitting Your Digital Content

The submission process is free and only takes a few minutes. You may submit as many images as you like. Please be sure that your content is:

  • reflective of the intent of this collection
  • an original work to which you own the rights

Accepted file formats include: jpg, png, and gif